"Heather has a huge range of skills and techniques in her tool box which she puts to good use in getting the best outcome for her clients.

My daughter has ME and was starting to hold her own after seeing Heather. Unfortunately Covid regulations came along interrupting her regular treatments, cant wait until we can restart on a regular basis."

Janet and Steph Huddersfield

I have been receiving Bowen treatments from Heather for the last 4 years, and more recently on a regular weekly basis.

I have suffered from IBS and PCOS since I’ve been in my late teens and I’m in now in my mid thirties.

My conditions have never been so manageable, in fact I have little to no symptoms on a daily basis. This is entirely down to the work Heather does.

During lockdowns, when I’ve been unable to recieve treatment my symptoms return and I’m reminded of what being in constant pain is

... I would recommend Heather and Bowen to anyone. At the very least you leave feeling lighter, brighter and more positive, at best it will change your life.


"My experience with Bowan therapy for complex regional pain syndrome.

In September 2009 I had a motorbike accident when I was living in Indonesia, I broke many ribs, my left femoral neck and had a commutated fracture of my right femur.

After multiple surgeries on 3 continents I was left with a severe limp, one leg 6 cm shorter than the other,

2 years spent in a wheelchair and worst of all constant intense pain, which affects my quality of life on a daily basis.

After going through the UK medical system and not really finding a solution that didn’t leave me feeling like a zombie through using powerful medicines for pain.

I started to look outside the regular system to control my ever-increasing opiate use.

Daily I am using a buprenorphine 7 day, slow release patch, liquid morphine large doses of NSAIDs and an overnight lidocaine patch, I was starting to worry as I had already stepped up the dose of the buprenorphine patch becoming tolerant of the initial dose within 6 months.

I quickly started to use this regime for 3 weeks out of 4 and the other week I use kratom for my pain relief.

I started using a CPT-Neurometer to regain some function in my left leg and it also gave some pain relief.

Nothing was having a large impact on my quality of life, pain and mobility levels.

I then was recommended Bowen therapy at the Health & Well Being Treatment & Taiji Studio in Hornsea run by Heather.

Each day recently I have been arriving at home tired and in pain and with my heavy use of opiates very slow gut motility.

After the first hour session with heather I got off the massage bed feeling more mobile, relaxed and fresh.

The following weeks after a once a week treatment my gut motility was vastly improved, my sleep patterns improved, I felt allot healthier, my appetite increased, pain levels decreased and best of all my mobility improved.

Bowen therapy stretches the fascia in opposite directions and combining sustained pressure and stretching to decrease pain and increase range of motion in limbs.

Heathers dedication to understanding anatomy and using specialised techniques such as Bowen, Katsu and her super special listening skills have really improved my quality of life since starting my therapy sessions at Hornsea.

Keep up the great work !"

Jon G

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Bowen therapy, also called Bowenwork or Bowtech, is a form of bodywork. It involves gently stretching the fascia — the soft tissue that covers all your muscles and organs — to promote pain relief.