Hello I am Heather and I enjoy to manipulate, align and relax people, mostly with Bowen therapy.


Welcome to the online ‘home’ of Heather Downs, Health Practitioner M.Sc; BA(hons); ECBS (European College of Bowen Studies)  ZSK (Zen Shin Katsu), and Reiki Master.

Heather has worked in the health industry since 2004 providing a range of therapies alongside Taiji for Well Being Classes, (3rd Degree Sash).  With a professional background in Corporate Information Systems Analysis, and Tutoring in Further and Higher Education establishments, her final chosen career path followed, working with healing systems for individuals and corporate clients


Over the last 20 years Heather has run successful clinics in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Whilst living in Lincolnshire Heather ran her private clinic whilst partnering with a Boston Chiropractic clinic. The none invasive Bowen Technique and Zen Shin Katsu was found to be extremely beneficial for their regular clients.

Corporate Working partners have included: MIND; Age Concern with Boston Open Prison for over 50s; Tanglewood Care Homes in Alford and Horncastle; Leisure Centres in Lincolnshire; Linkage College of Further Education Lincolnshire.

Heather returned to East Yorkshire, in 2013, establishing her practice for individual and new corporate clients including: working as a Voluntary Health Champion and accepting NHS Surgery Taiji referrals (Bridlington East Yorkshire) and Hornsea County Primary School.

Heather’s Taiji School, which teaches Shaolin short forms for health and well being has been established for over sixteen years, as well as instructing Sun Style 97 Traditional long form for eight years .  This has resulted in meeting and teaching many hundreds of students from all walks of life and abilities. 

Taiji and Eastern healing systems (ZSK), formed the core of Heather’s health, well being and practitioner journey. Exploration of other bodywork systems led to studying and training in The Bowen Technique and graduating as a Bowen Practitioner in 2011.

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Bowen therapy, also called Bowenwork or Bowtech, is a form of bodywork. It involves gently stretching the fascia — the soft tissue that covers all your muscles and organs — to promote pain relief.